Inspiration, Inerrancy, Infallibility: big words with even bigger meanings

No doubt you’ve heard these words mentioned in church, but chances are you may not have any idea what they really mean or why they are important to you. These are not terms that are only for theologians. An understanding of what they mean, how they apply to the Bible, and then to your life can have a tremendous impact on how you live your life.

If you are a member of Coastline Bible Church, it is vitally important that you understand these terms because in a few weeks we are going to be voting on some changes in our church bylaws that adds “inerrancy & infallibility” to the statement.

It is a joy and privilege to attend a church that believes these things about the Bible and your understanding of the terms is important for you to know what you stand for as part of a church that affirms them.

For the next three Sundays, July 4, 11, & 18 we will study these terms in detail at our Life in 3D Class. It meets at 9 am for coffee and then we teach and discuss the topic. We meet in Room 207 at 426 Mills Rd., Ventura, CA 93003. Paul & Yvon Prehn are the facilitators.

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Video and Notes: The Bible–the foundation for a 3D life

Following is the video from our first class. Below the video is a PDF copy of the notes. Click on the image and it will take you to a PDF that you can print off.

Notes for lst week of class

What questions do you or family members have about the Bible?

Here are the questions that we asked people in our church before we started the class and it is the topic we starting with. Here are the questions:

What is meant (or not meant) by inerrancy/infallibility?  What is the difference?  Is there a difference?

What makes the Bible distinctive as the true Word of God?  Is it not a collection of works by numerous authors over a long period of time?

Do  the texts of the Apocrypha complement the Bible and can they be read in faith and trust?

How trustworthy was the gospel of John seeing as it was written quite sometime after the other gospels and contain different elements?

People say the Bible was written by men so who cares?

Are people at church expected to accept it all without questions?

How to use Strong’s Concordance in Print or Online

Strong’s Concordance is a wonderful tools that will help you in your study.

We will always encourage you to get into the Bible, to read, to study, to learn what it says in it’s wholeness. This little video will help you do that.

What questions do you or family members have about God?

In preparing for the class, we did a survey asking people what questions they or family members had about the topics we will be covering in the class  What is the law of cause and effect?  Are all things caused?  Is God a thing?  What caused God?

Is evil a thing?  What is evil?  Does evil exist?  Does God exist?  How did (did?) evil enter the Garden?

Is God fair?  Is God good?  Is God just?  Is God rational?

What happens to people eternally who die in countries where they have not heard about God and Salvation?

Is God active in the world today?

Where is his activity seen today? Unequivocally?

Who created God.

What about people who don’t believe the Virgin Birth because of “science?”