Devotion #1 Psalm 119:1-56, The foundation for real happiness

Psalm119  starts this way:

1 Blessed are they whose ways are blameless,
who walk according to the law of the
2 Blessed are they who keep his statutes
and seek him with all their heart.

The word, “blessed” in verses 1 & 2 and many other places in the Psalm in the Hebrew is the word “esher” and it means “happy.” There is a way to be deeply, truly and eternally happy and it is to build your life on God’s Word.

Click on the image above, it links to a PDF of a two-page handout that you can use in your devotional time this week. In the next few weeks we’ll be going through Psalm 119, taking one section a week. After you read each section, answer these two questions:

  • What does it say?
  • How should I respond?

Psalm 119 is all about the Bible and spending 4 weeks in it, thinking about it, reading it, praying over it will give you an increased love for the Word and will help build a firm foundation in your life for the kind of happiness that can only be found in God’s truth.

As you read through these lessons please share some of your thoughts in our comments section here.

This psalm will tell you how to do that.

note: each week, we’ll have a devotional study posted on this site. These come from the Life in 3D adult class at Coastline Bible Church in Ventura, CA. Anyone is welcome to join us! See the “About” tab on this website for more information.

3 Responses

  1. I was reminded in reading the first eight verses of the great blessing we receive in the double imputation of our sin to Christ and His righteousness to us. Else how could the Psalmist or anyone else speak of ‘the undefiled in the way’ and ‘those who keep His testimonies’ and ‘they also do no iniquity’. He certainly could not be speaking of us, except that we are in Him.

    • How wonderfully appropriate is the comment about “not after our own fantasies”–how much we need God’s truth as anchor today when many competing fantasies abound!

    • Thinking about this more–and because of this we can serve in freedom and thankfulness. We are so unworthy and He is so wonderful.

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