What did Jesus think about the Bible?

Most people from almost any religion have a favorable view of Jesus. If asked if Jesus would ever tell a lie, most would be shocked that the question was asked. Even if people do not believe in Jesus as personal Savior and Lord, he is considered one of the most holy and good people in all of history.

Was Jesus a wise man? Most people would again, agree that he was. Many people believe that his messages were some of the wisest, most compassionate and understanding words ever written. In his dealing with those who opposed him, not only was he wise, many would say, but a master debater and strategist with his words.

If all these opinions are true–if Jesus would never tell a lie and was a very wise man it might be interesting to see what he said about the Bible.

He wouldn’t lie about it and he was wise enough not to believe foolish stories–so what did he say?

Join us this Sunday as part of our discussion on “Inspiration, Inerrancey, & Infallibility” and we’ll look at Jesus comments. This is a great time to bring a friend who may not attend church regularly, but who has a respectful attitude towards Jesus.  Our class meets at 9 am for coffee and munchies and then teaching and discussion. We meet in room 207 at Coastline Bible Church, 426 Mills Rd., across from Pacific View Mall in Ventura, CA.

………………..chances are you might both be surprised by what Jesus really said.