Jesus view of the Bible, part #2

We often read about the Pharisees and the Sadducees when we read the Bible, but the extent of our learning about them usually stops with noting that the Sadducess did not believe in the afterlife and the Pharisees did. But there is SO much more to their history and differences and when you learn about it, it will greatly deepen your understanding of the Scriptures.

In this lesson, in addition to learning that, you’ll learn about how Jesus interacted with them on questions about the authority of scripture, plus you’ll see how the Apostle Paul’s heritage as a Pharisee influenced his teaching for the rest of his life.

Explanatory note: before you either listen to the audio or view the PowerPoint, we wanted to you know that most of the lessons are not this long in the actual class. The recording was made after the class so I could put in additional information.

Here is a file of the audio, of the lesson, just click the arrow to listen:

Here is a file of the video of the PowerPoint of the class, along with the sound that goes with it.

This is a file of the handouts we gave out in class. Just click on the image to download the PDF:

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  1. Just spent some time on your site and listened again to most of this lesson you presented last Sunday. I got so much more out of it just being able to hear it the second time. You have so much valuable information on this website and it will be a great resource for us during the month of September when we’ll be out of town and unable to attend the class. I have recently suggested to a friend that she and her husband come to the class. She asked me what was being taught and, after a brief description, I was able to send her to this website to see firsthand what’s it’s all about. I had to think about where I had the link to the website and remembered I have the cards you gave out with this link. If people did not pick up or keep those cards, they will not have the link handy so you might want to put the link on your handouts each week so it will be just that much more accessible. Love your and Paul’s class and appreciate being privy to all the research you’ve done over many years, yet knowing you still prepare each week’s lesson from scratch. I hope many more will soon find your class and be built up in their faith to better live and share it! Thanks!

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