Voices from church history: what did early Christians believe about Jesus

We’ve seen how it is a fact that many early historians referred to Jesus. So we know he lived in the first century.

However, that isn’t enough–what did they think of him? Critics of Christianity say that early on people thought of Jesus simply as a man. In fact Dan Brown goes so far as to say that the church did not decide that Jesus was divine until the Council of Nicea and many people mimic that opinion.

That opinion however, is totally, completely and absolutely wrong.

Not only did the followers of Christ from their earliest days state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was God, but they based their lives on it and most of them died a martyr’s death to prove how totally they believed it.

This video shows you what actually happened at the Council of Nicea (they did not vote if Jesus was divine or not) and you’ll also read the words of the early church believers.

The PDF of the notes for the class are below the video.

Voices from church history


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