About: what we do & where to find us

About Life in 3D: discover, develop, deploy

Who, when and where:

We are an adult Sunday morning learning and discussion group hosted by Coastline Bible Church, 426 Mills Road, Ventura, CA (across the street from Pacific View Mall). You do not have to be a member of the church or a believer in Jesus to attend. We welcome anyone willing to explore the Christian faith.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9 am for coffee and goodies and the class starts at 9:15 and goes to 10:15. After class, join us for the Sunday Morning church service at 10:30.

Why: In the class, here’s what we do:


We begin each class by a lecture where we discover in-depth answers to questions about:

  • God,
  • Jesus,
  • Prayer,
  • the Bible,
  • Meaning of Life,
  • and Christianity.

We dig deep into the Bible, history, secular and scholarly sources. We are a Christian group that completely believes in the truth of the Bible, but we are not judgmental, but happy to explore and discuss our beliefs with those who don’t share them.


We then break into small group to discuss and interact about the topics presented. We will develop the topics and applications as we share, challenge and interact with each other. All questions and input is welcomed in a spirit of courteous, caring exchange.


Each week we work hard to apply theory to practice. We talk about how our life will be different in the coming week based on what we discovered in the teaching time and developed in the discussion time.

Your facilitators: Paul & Yvon Prehn

Paul and Yvon Prehn are your facilitators for the class. Paul is a licensed pastor and currently supports his habit of sharing faith in Jesus with a handyman business. Yvon is the computer geek of the family and has an online ministry training church communicators. They have been involved in small groups and sharing God’s Word at Coastline and other churches for many years.

For questions about the class, please email: yvonprehn@gmail.com.


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